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Corrosion inhibitor

Petroleum acid based IC 21 BX-1 and IC 21 BX-2 series corrosion inhibitors are intended to protect equipment and pipelines of oil and gas production systems against hydrogen sulfide and/or carbon dioxide corrosion, including with oxygen, for wastewater disposal, reservoir pressure maintenance, and oil and gas treatment plants. 


IC 21 BX-1 and IC 21 BX-2 series corrosion inhibitors are petroleum acids and nitrogen-containing organic compounds based chemical compounds in a solution of isoparaffin naphthenic liquids and organic solvents. Corrosion inhibitors are classified as film-forming by their type of action. Inhibitors are available in several modifications, differing in the chemical nature of the active component based on petroleum acids and the composition of solvents. A wide range of corrosion inhibitors makes it possible to select the optimal option for specific oil production conditions. If necessary, Karvan-L LLC specialists can, at the customer’s request, optimize the composition of petroleum acids based inhibitors for specific oil production conditions. 


The use of corrosion inhibitors makes it possible: 

  1. to reliably protect equipment and pipelines from hydrogen sulfide and acid corrosion during oil production and transportation of crude oil, equipment and pipelines of installations for compression and processing of petroleum gas;
  2. to protect the metal from specific types of corrosion, namely from sulfide corrosion cracking, hydrogenation, embrittlement. 
  3. to suppress the activity of bacterial growth in the composition with petroleum acids.

Petroleum acid based IC 21 BX-1 and IC 21 BX-2 (depending on modification) corrosion inhibitors belong to oil-soluble and water-dispersible agents. Effective protection is achieved with inhibitor concentrations from 20 to 30 g/m3 for liquid streams and 2-50 g/1000 nm3 for gas streams, depending on aggressive media.

Inhibitors are developed and produced for high-sulfur gases and oil, taking into account the technological conditions of their production and processing.


Corrosion inhibitors are certified by the State Center for Certification and Standardization of Chemicals for the Oil Industry and are approved for use in technological processes of oil production and transportation.


Technical indicators of corrosion inhibitors are below:


Name of indicator

Characteristic or norm 
 IC 21 BX -1IC 21 BX - 2
1. AppearanceHomogeneous liquid from light yellow to dark brown colorHomogeneous liquid from light yellow to dark brown color
2. Total base number, mg KOH/ 1 g inhibitor, not less than





3. Active part content, % not less than





4. Pour point, °C, not higher than


Minus 50


          Not applied

5. Foaming (increasing the height of the foam column when adding a corrosion inhibitor to an absorbent solution), with an inhibitor content of up to 1000 mg/dm3 in ethanolamine, mm, no more than








           Not applied

6. Foam stability, c, no more than15           Not applied
7. Kinematic viscosity at 20 °C, mm2/s, no more than


Not applied


120 - 150

8. Protective effect against general corrosion, %, not less than (at an inhibitor concentration of 30 mg/l, with Н2S and/or СО2  




           Not applied
9. Protective effect against embrittlement, %, not less than



           Not applied
10. Solubility: In methanol, ethanol and isoparaffin naphthenic solvent.





11. Density at 20 °C, g/cm30,820-0,900Not applied



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